Saturday, February 20, 2010

An interesting blog

I came across this post in the blog that I follow. I too agree with him that HA benefit the child and he learns to talk , why implant the child. Of course, each to his own. But I loved the information this blog provides.I added the link for other people too.

music enhances brain activity

I read this in the Times of India newspaper and found it very informative. Music is very important I feel. I do make these little songs for Prisha to remember things and I find that if i give a tune to a certain sentence, she remembers things better. Must read.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Dance - a teaser

Today Prisha's dance teachers called us over to see her dancing to give us an idea of what she has been learning.I was so excited.Till now she had shown me bits at home. She and I would finish her class and then as we passed Mac Donald's, she would show me all that she learnt on the steps outside Mac D.Today I looked forward to see her dance in the class. I was so happy.
 I waited outside and went around buying things I needed for dinner while she danced.Soon we were all called into her dance room and she was soon in position.The music started and my little dancer started to move her little body. I saw her doing the salsa moves that she learnt and her little frilly skirt moved around her little hips. So cute! I had moist eyes and I kept wiping them away.We all cheered the little dancers and my girl and I hugged each other hard.
I had noticed Prisha looking at the teacher move and was copying her . I thought of talking to her as she was really straining herself. As the music she danced was in Hindi language and she did not know the language, she looked at her and danced.She was put in the corner far from the teacher, which made her really strain herself.When I brought it to her notice, she said that Prisha was dancing well and lip read her and so there was nothing to worry. To this I immediately told her that Prisha was auditorily trained and did not lip read , in fact she interacted in the dark too.I loved the shocked look on her face as they are still under the impression that deaf are always signing or lip reading.I am happy to be part of this changed opinion that deaf are mute too and are not listening.