Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Pure tone update

I love my teddy

She is 7 year old now

Pizzas for birthday lunch
   After more settings done on the Naida IX , Mrs W had asked us to wait for 3 weeks and give a feedback on her hearing.I noticed that she is actually picking up things she never did earlier.Her intonation has improved and she is softer.We Indians are louder and more expressive in our talking, and so she is louder with us.A few days back she had 2 friends at our place and after they left I realized she was softer for a long time.So maybe we have to tone ourselves down a bit.The good thing is she is now actually hearing a lot more and listening to our conversation and asking us more questions like-what did you mean by this, what did you tell mum about,why did you say that etc.
   We got her puretone again to see her levels of hearing since she is used to the settings last 3 weeks.She performed very well and is now hearing at 35-40 db average and this falls in the speech banana.Her amplification is great right now and she does not want it louder.We are waiting for Mrs.Z to be back from her illness in 4 weeks and so would get her to do more fine tuning for Prisha as she is an expert and has experience too.She also was taught a few German words and a speech audiometry was done on her in German as this is not possible here in English.Prisha performed well and got all correct at 40 and 50 db too.So we are happy with that.Her directionality was great earlier, we need to work on that.So we are finally finalizing on this hearing aids and are now getting ready to pay the difference in amount.So now we are going to just work on her and also work on finding a good English speaking speech therapist.A down on that front right now.Hoping for the best.
     This 15th prisha turned 7 and we took her out shopping and she picked up things that she wanted.She was too excited and she had told me we should wake her up in the morning with a gift all wrapped up and sing the birthday song for her.Unfortunately we could not pick up the gift before and so rushed to pick part of her gift from the supermarket while she slept.My son called up a little later that prisha was awake.We asked him not to put on her aids and we crept into the house to wrap the gift and for once we were glad she wasn't hearing :( .We got her aids, put the aids on and sang her the birthday song.She was thrilled.