Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Reflection on social attitude

I am reflecting a lot on attitude of people towards disabilities these days. The lack of awareness,uncaring attitude, callousness and lack of tolerance is what I see in people around them. It makes me wonder what kind of people we are building for future in our kids. The drive to make it senselessly with barely any empathy in our kids is very disheartening. I wonder how they will deal with disabilities if they had to face it in future. I feel sad looking at them. The fault lies with us adults. To meet deadlines and prove a mindless game and drive we are forgetting to make the kids sensitive. It's money that is driving us. The ambitions to make it in life at any cost. 
I see my community is in a mad rush. They have no time to breathe and enjoy life. The fight to finish is on and shall never stop. The small things we did as kids these kids will never learn as they are told to perform from the day they enter school. Life shall pass by and they will learn this cut throat attitude and lose all sensitivities and sensibilities. I see adults talking rudely and that is picked up by young minds they follow it as that's what they all see. Is it what we want for the gen-next? 
These days with so much exposure and and diagnosis we have knowledge of so many new issues and the future shall unfortunately bring many more. Things we never heard in our times, today are many more and the future would bring many more. How will this generation deal with disabilities? I can foresee a lot of frustration for them as well as isolation. Also I see lot of them accepting it and doing little about it coz they want to live for themselves. They would be happy to delegate their job to "specialists" who would mint money on their account while they worked harder to earn that. 
I feel it's very essential to educate the young minds and make them better people. A little moral science lessons we did as kids would do no harm to them. I often hear mums telling the kids to "give it back" ... Instead would love to hear "be kind and patient and help those who need a hand". That's the community that would bring peace, friendships , feeling of well being and integration around. Till then we can stop, look around and reflect on what's happening around us and only feel the pinch and the pain when it strikes us.