Friday, September 23, 2016

Humbling to get a feedback

Every once in a while I question myself about what I do. As soon as Prisha was integrated into speech and I could see her talking , I started to write and spread maam's message that deaf kids can talk. I didn't think I had any writing skills nor did I think I had enough knowledge and material to talk about it. Yet my wish to show how it's possible and to tell the wrong doers that they are wrong was very strong. Perhaps my one post could give hope to a desperate parent, another may find solace that they are not the only one who are depressed, one more may find a step towards a direction and yet another could actually follow it all the way. That was foremost in my mind. Could not keep my journey just for myself. Someone as desperate and miserable needs hope. That made me keep writing. Wasn't easy to keep it going since 2006. Yet I did. Not too many comments left, not many to ask but few did send mails and messages to say how it has helped them. I would see the meter and know how many are seeing what's on my blog and that kept me going. But there is always a hope that the posts and YouTube uploads shall help someone. 

After opening the group on Facebook AVT support for hearing impaired kids, I am hoping more would join in and seek support. India doesn't have much to offer with deafness. So much struggle to get one thing. Wrong practices and advise in deafness, money making on the hapless parents and implants that don't work..... This and more hurts me. This is why more efforts despite not knowing what's right and wrong. The talks, the skype calls, msgs and calls kept me going when someone got the right advise and benefited with my little work. 

Yesterday I received one such message on the group. She has been following my blog since her daughter was detected. After her daughter turned 7 , she got time and found the group and joined and messaged me. The fact that someone read those posts and has found a way was very motivating. She moved to the US got help and must be doing well. I am humbled that one small effort could help another parent and the child is integrated. She would share her story she said and I am excited to know her journey. Having found just my blog as help she moved on to find help and has continued reading it. Such stories inspire and motivate me and tell me.... Ruchi don't stop , you have miles to go before you sleep or put up your feet and say enough. Thank you "S" for coming by   I am humbled and till you decide to share your story , you remain S and I shall wait to write your story on my small space here. This blog is a small humble offering to my teacher mentor Mrs. Hudlikar and the deaf community that wants to speak. And yes I shall continue my writing as long as I have things to share. 

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Research on deafness

Awaiting good news since 11 years and counting. Will never stop dreaming that some day science shall give her normal hearing. Here is the latest. The signs of good things to come. Some day the deaf will get good hearing. 

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Give clearer instructions to deaf kids

Be specific with instructions to deaf kids specially while giving them corrections. Just saying " I can't hear" " speak clearly" " I can't understand" "repeat " isn't going to make them understand why and what. Tell them specifically...." You are too soft and garbled" " you are speaking too fast" " your mouth is open and hence it sounds garbled" " your sentence formation isn't correct and hence repeat" or "I wasn't listening and hence repeat ". It would give a chance to the child to analyze and understand their mistakes better and they can hence make fewer mistakes by thinking before speaking. It's going to be easier for them and easier on you. A more broad statement only shall confuse the child further and the child feels intimidated for being corrected constantly. Specific instructions are a short cut towards clearer and open lines of communication. Don't underestimate the child's understanding. It's not easy for them to take corrections constantly. But by giving them clearer instructions, you are respecting their efforts and helping them analyze their own efforts. That's more encouraging than just a straight statement..,I didn't understand speak again. 

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Inspiring video of a deaf singer

If she can do it why can't our kids do it!! Amazing inspiring video of a deaf girl who sings without hearing herself. It just proves that it's all about how much you are motivated and inspired to do what you want to. Every thing we do needs hard work and dedication. Thank you Alpana for this share. May our kids be inspired and motivated should make a mark on this tough chosen path. 
Prisha has chosen to learn music too and looking at this I feel so happy that we started her exposure to music and singing way to early and she learnt to sing and compose songs herself. Now hoping to see her keyboard create more magic as she grows. Pls show this video to your kids too when they say they can't hear music or can't do it. We can only learn from examples. 

Sunday, September 4, 2016

Signs and spoken language

Conflicts of a deaf person who had so much to choose from. Sometimes decisions are tough. We are personally happy with choosing spoken over signs as she sings and dances, listens to music and speaks on phone too.

How hearing aids work

How a hearing aid works. A good link to understand hearings aids and his different ones work.