Monday, September 28, 2009

World deaf day

Today was world deaf day.Mrs Hudlikar had arranged for a meeting with a reporter of news paper to come and see for himself how it was possible for the deaf to speak through speech therapy.I am attaching the link of the news paper called DNA.

Some touching moments
Am sharing this from Julia's blog.It was a very soul stirring video and I wanted to share it with people reading my blog.Thanks Julia for sharing. Had a great moment with Prisha when we both watched it. Prisha asked me why the man was not talking.I told her he was using signs as he cannot hear and so he can't speak. To this she asked me why he does not wear hearing aids.Then she went on to tell me that ask his mother to put on hearing aids for him and then his mother could teach him to talk.I was so touched at her sensitivity as well as I felt that she does treat her handicap as part of life. I realized that part of her knows that it is the mother who is responsible for teaching her to talk.
She is now down with high temperature last 2 days. I am really loosing it. The moment I feel she has recovered from some problem and can go back to school , she comes down with something else.Why can't life be just a little normal?It works on me . Every morning I have got used to asking her about the ear pain, cough, cold, sore throat, itching in the ear or pain in the boils on her face. the big boil in her scalp burst last week and huge amount of discharge and then bleeding gave me a sleepless night.I wonder what is causing so much eruptions on her face. This year has been tough for us.Hope that her problems soon are out of her system.

Friday, September 18, 2009


I went to the audiologist today to get new moulds made for her hearing aids.Since her ear is healing slowly, I don't want to use the old mould, maybe even after sterilizing it so many times the ear is still sensitive to the mould or there is still a tiny bit of remains of germs on the mould. Don't want to take any chances.I asked him to look in, keeping my fingers crossed all the while.My heart was beating fast thinking about what news he would give me. He looked up and told me there was just tiny bit of wax and canal was a little red still! I was so happy as I have waited for this news for so long.I have decided to wait for a month more, though he says I can use it now . I don't want to take chances.The ear scratching has reduced thanks to my homeopathic medicines. I am so glad that my homeopath dear Dr. Sunil Anand had assured me that the infection would go provided I trusted him and he told me not to take allopathic medicines as they interfered with his treatment. he told me if he felt the need he would tell me when to go for allopathy. I hope the day arrives soon when she would wear both aids. Her ear scratching has reduced and now when she does complain , we remove the aids and dry with hair dryer. It really helps.Next week I will see and decide if I want to change the mould if her ear is alright.I shall get new impressions done. Prisha is really brave I feel.The thought of something being stuffed in my ear canal for 1 min is so yukky.But I know she did it so well when she was 3 years old and now at 5, she is stronger.Looking forward to some happier , healthier and better hearing times. Cheers to this thought.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Ear itching

Just put ear drops last week after the visit to ENT to remove the wax from the ears. I used mullien oil for the little pain she has for the left ear. Her ear had no pain in the morning . I was happy. I used the mullien oil in the morning. By evening she said her ear was scratching I visited the ENT again today and he has asked me to keep using the ear drops waxol for 3-4 days more and avoid using the aid in the left ear for another 10 days. I am careful and have decided to not use the aid for a month more. I want to make sure the left ear is totally normal.i am just worried about her ears scratching last 3 days. i hope the ears are alright soon. I hope this ear scratching is nothing to be worried about.The right ear is itching too. God help!! I just hope all ear problems find a solution soon.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Another visit to the ENT

Today I decided to visit the ENT again to check on Prisha's left ear. She has been without the hearing aid for 7 months now. She does miss her 2nd HA . The very mention of her ear being all right makes her squeal with joy , she wants her left HA.The doc is very interesting, very positive about life and loves to give advice on healthy living. Love visiting him.He did the thorough check up of her ear and said her ear now has dry scabs and wax which needed to be dissolved with ear drops , to be put into her ear twice a week. It would basically coat the ear lining. The drops would soften the scabs and wax.When the scabs are pulled out , they normally pull out the hair in the ear which leads to more boils.So now ear drops would help heal her ear. I am so happy that finally thanks to homeopathy , Prisha's ear infection is slowly getting better. I do give her lots of multi vitamins and Vit C for building resistance in her body.I hope and pray that she only gets better by the day.Now I am waiting for the day when 2 HA would give her better hearing and better speech.