Monday, September 7, 2009

Ear itching

Just put ear drops last week after the visit to ENT to remove the wax from the ears. I used mullien oil for the little pain she has for the left ear. Her ear had no pain in the morning . I was happy. I used the mullien oil in the morning. By evening she said her ear was scratching I visited the ENT again today and he has asked me to keep using the ear drops waxol for 3-4 days more and avoid using the aid in the left ear for another 10 days. I am careful and have decided to not use the aid for a month more. I want to make sure the left ear is totally normal.i am just worried about her ears scratching last 3 days. i hope the ears are alright soon. I hope this ear scratching is nothing to be worried about.The right ear is itching too. God help!! I just hope all ear problems find a solution soon.

1 comment:

  1. Could she be allergic to the oil? Or the waxol? I hope not! I certainly hope the itching stops soon. She's had enough trouble with her ears to last anyone a lifetime!