Monday, May 25, 2009

Trip to Italy

Finally home after a long week end in Italy.We went to Venice and Florance. It was wonderful to see the cities. What excited Prisha was there were no cars and roads in Venice and we just needed to go by boat everywhere. What fun! She did loved going to churches. We did light the candles and she did pray as usual asking God to bless her and to help her to hear and speak well. She did complain to Mother Mary about her boils in her ear and her eyes.She asked her to take them away. It did give a lump as to see how she desperately wants her other hearing aid.
We learnt about all the different kind of boats and saw ships , it was exciting for her. She took out her book and pencil and drew out the big ship.She was tired with all the walking but cooperated well. We sat on the steps near the water and talked about the things happening around.
She complained of ear ache at night on Sunday and when we peeped in , we got a shock as we saw a huge boil burst with a big hole at the end of the ear. In heart I knew it could not be the ear drum but the fear of the possibility kept me uneasy and upset the entire night.She was complaining of ear pain behind the ear too. The faith in homeopathy medicine started to dwindle again.We were quite happy as the homeopathic medicines for ear boils had really worked well this time after the long session with my doc.The next morning I could just run into the streets of Venice shouting with joy as the hole was actually a crust of the boil that had healed. It had fallen off and covered the eardrum.I am glad we bought the otoscope.She is better now. The left eye too had developed a stye but thanks to the homeo preparation , it has stopped where it started.I am glad I did not start anti biotic again. Homeopathy for boils has a more lasting effect.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Walk in the jungle

We went out to see the castle and it was really nice to see it. There was a thick green jungle around the castle in Kafenberg in Austria. As usual my son and husband complained about walking into it. But mom daughter duo did persist. Prisha was so over enthusiastic about getting into it. Well it was the best decission as the whole experience turned out to be not only refreashing but we did a lot of speech therapy there. A few weeks back Mrs. Hudlikar had talked about the jungle and so here we saw one and talked about it. We did focus on the tall trees , snails and the birds chirping. Great job done! Prisha is turning out to be a model in front of the camera. She had all the poses and asked me to click her in all possible postures. Loved it!Her boil is still troubling her but is healing now. Hope a new one does not crop up. I am cleaning up with spirit, drying it up 3 times a day with a hair dryer. She feels a lot of relief.I also uploaded the latest video of our speech therapy session. It is about picture description. These video clipping I got on my laptop are quite a blessing . Prisha is all day hung on these classes. She has learnt her way on the laptop { when I am still figuring it out with nervous fingers} and finds all the videos and sings along and also keeps repeating the conversations on her own.Quite a good speech therapy lesson as it is making her listen well to a different kind of sound and respond to it.Thank God for technology.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Youtube upload

latest video uploaded on youtube.making the most of the free time I am getting in Austria.Prisha is down with ear boil again and now has a huge stye in her right eye. Am stuck to the hotel room and the apartment as she is not too keen to explore the places.She is missing her routine back home.She is talking better , is very happy in super market but tells me not to get into any mall or places of interest. Am having a tough time with her continuous whining due to her aches and pain. I NEED A BREAK!!!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Nonstop chatter

So our journey to Austria is over but it was with a lot of endless chatter from Prisha.The moment our trip to Austria was confirmed, prisha had been super charged up.It meant a lot of spoiling and pampering by dad, loads of going out and lots of shopping. I was worried about the packing as the weather is so different for us. Its cold and we have to be so ready for all kinds of changes. While my son and I worried about what to take , Prisha was soon ready with her packing- her back pack and a handbag were loaded and kept on the sofa so that there is no delay and no forgetting when we leave. I peeped into the bags with a lot of anxious looks at me from Prisha. She was too worried that I might not take her precious stuff which was , a box of all kinds of colors [paints, crayons, pencils and sketch pens] , story books, stationary, papers of all kinds, balls and everything that she could find , found place in the bag. I could see her sneaking with things hidden in her hands and pushing into the bag. I knew if I opened it , there would be a war. So waited till she slept off, and when I picked up the bag it was HEAVY!! She is not interested in clothes and other things, but just her treasure is art work and stationary. I did sort things out and soon we compromised on a decent packing so that she has enough to occupy herself.Thank God!
There was a lot of talking all the way. We made every opportunity to converse on various phases of packing.She was so excited that she wanted to only do things in Austria including eating! She wanted eat her next meal in the plane, do her coloring there too. She was non stop on , on the airport.The singing which included the National anthem and her prayers kept people turning back and smiling. I smiled too as , nobody could understand that she was hearing impaired. She got a little finger puppet on the flight and sure, she made sure the little Tweety was entertained [ and so were our neighbours on the flight, as told to us at the end of the flight much to our amusement ] the entire night. The puppet and she talked while we did security check at Zurich diverting the attention of the officer, who I think got a bit of relief from the mundane job.She refused to be parted with it. She ate and enjoyed every bit of her journey. On the Zurich airport as we had to wait for 3 hours, we decided to do speech therapy along with creative work.She sat and drew the aeroplane she loved and a restaurant with some lovely lights fascinated her. So the artist sat and did her work.The confidence was to be seen as I let her explore the airport, while the mother in me peeped from the corner of the eye. On the way home Tweety became her cell phone and called up her grand parents and told them how she was missing them, the driver was amused too.She went to the familiar supermarket too near our home and quickly remembered all the things we did last year. I then realised the importance of language as she had captured all these moments in language and so it was easy to recall.We are now looking forward to more enriching moments in the next 6 weeks that we are here.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Live band

Yesterday we went out for dinner with friends.The atmosphere was just right, open air, cool breeze, good company and a live band playing the famous songs in Hindi.We were busy talking when Prisha called out to me- " mummy, listen, there is nice music". She closed her eyes and shook her head to it and gestured with her hand about how she was enjoying.I was so happy. As from the beginning we have been using a lot of singing , she has got used to enjoying it. She has now picked up the Indian National Anthem and sings it with a few mistakes of words here and there. Go Girl......