Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Musical update

Prisha was asked to be a part of the singing group for our Republic day celebrations in our society.She had been practicing her singing with me and she was doing very well, taking all the corrections. She stood in front of everybody and started to sing with her group. Initially she looked a bit lost but when she looked up at me and I urged her to sing loudly, she gave her best shot. I was very thrilled about it.
Her 1st introduction to the music class was not too great. She went in happily but suddenly when asked to come behind the keyboard, she started to look a bit overwhelmed. A little egging, and she was crying and looked very upset and sat behind me. I was a bit pert up about it but then I knew the best bet would be to use-"sibling rivalry". I asked my son to play along and praised his playing the keyboard so well. Prisha then asked me to buy her a PINK color keyboard if she went to the class. I just got a call from the teacher and he said she has picked up the basic notes very well and now needs to just do it vocally too. I am so happy and really hope she picks it up fast. I was musically inclined as a kid and did stage too and always wanted my kids to do some too and I am keeping my fingers crossed.

Friday, January 22, 2010

A new step

I have been training Prisha to pay attention to difference in tunes, rhythm, etc so that she too can sing.I have always been fond of singing and did a lot of singing on stage too. I always wanted my kids too to be fond of dance and music.My son plays keyboard and Prisha too just ran her fingers.A part of  me  at times felt hurt at a thought that maybe she would never sing. But the singer in me never gave up and would sing along for her. I would exaggerate certain parts of singing to make her notice the difference in the notes, I would pat on her leg while the song would go on to get her the rhythm.Slowly, over now 4 years, she has got that rhythm and does try her singing.She does not always put words always, but at times we just make our own songs and laugh ourselves silly at what they sound like. They are like those typical mom-daughter moments.Her intonation is like a normal child.I asked my son's music sir if Prisha too learn the keyboard, he 1st asked me to wait for a year, but today he said he will take her now itself and he did not mind her coming everyday. I am so excited that she too would learn to play an instrument. we will try our best.i also have put her into Shiamak Daavar classes for performing arts, where she will attend 15 classes of dances. I spoke to her instructor for a feedback after 2 classes. She said that she was very happy with prisha's concentration. She had no problems understanding any instructions and did all the steps along with all the words. I am very happy with this new step in her life and hope she achieves everything she wants to.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Ear molds

2 Years back I got Prisha's molds made and made sure I pressed in the soft dough [ if I may call it that] well into her ear canals as earlier they were not made properly. Now they needed to changed and so I was off to my audiologist to get them made. Impressions were made and Prisha really had things been stuffed into the ears and wailed a lot.I wanted to take a video of it so that I could post it on my you tube account for people to see.But hearing her cries, the mum in me forgot everything. The impressions were taken, bribe was paid [ she bought things she wanted , which she does after all doctors visits] and we waited for the molds to be ready. I was told I would be intimated when they are ready. I waited but no calls. And so I called and they said they were ready but could not inform as they couldn't find the receipt which had the number.Gosh, I was quite bugged, its so typical here.
I went and saw the molds looked different.Earlier, the molds had removable "U" shaped pipes which could be replaced when they got discolored.This time, the mold had a little L shape hard pipe where the long pipe that joins the hearing aids . This hard pipe does not go completely till the end of the mold, but has another illshaped extension till the inside of the mold. When I questioned them, I was rudely told that they were the experts and knew more than me.When I said I prefered the other kind of molds, I was not even entertained and was told I was still a hyper mum.Is it wrong to question something that is wrong. Trust is built on services provided sincerely. I was not allowed to complete my problems, disgusted I walked out. Prisha wore the aids and I was so excited as she was going to wear both aids after one full year. She wore the aids and the 1st reaction was-"mumma, it is so loud". I reduced the volume and she wore the aids for a few hours. The aid made lots of sounds the next few days. Her response was fantastic, she heard better and within 24 hours, the speech was better too. I was happy one one end and the other side, she was complaining of continuous feed back. there was no doubt that the mold in the left ear was not fitting well.I decided to call the audiologist and she was again very rude on the phone.She told me that if it was giving feedback that means she would need to shorten the mold's length and if that did not solve the problem, she would re-programme the aid. I said I did not want to do that.[The last time she spoilt her programme completely and we really suffered] She was again rude and said if I did not know something, I should not question her.I was asked to trust her , but with that rude behavior, past bitter experiences, how could I? I even told her that the old mold did not give any feedback inspite of being  2 years old, but I was not heard out. I was feeling so helpless. I have decided to use the old mold as of now, keep my patience and look for better mold in Germany when I go this summer.I hate to be made to feel like dirt. Is it because i go for therapy to Mrs. Hudlikar and Prisha is speaking well? Or is it that she has read my blog and guessed something from my mail? There is something definitely wrong.I for sure know that she does not like me and nor is she interested in my benefit.There are so many like me who suffer from the mal-practices. I am aware and so am on my guard all the time.Others don't know their rights and are not literate enough to question.I have lost the money i paid for the mold but I am sure I will find solutions after a bit of waiting.