Sunday, February 27, 2011

Naida III or IX

     We have been using Naida IX last 2 months and started to realize that we were all talking louder and there are a lot of mistakes she was making in her speech.We keep postponing it to maybe getting used to or just her being tired.But last week got us on our toes when during a conversation my husband asked Prisha if she knew her name and she said no.We asked her 5 times each time a bit louder and she said no.It was also from quite close too.So we surprised and asked her a bit crossly and she said , she knew her name but we were talking about "game" and she did not know it.I was agitated at this and took the appointment for her with the audiologist.She too felt it was not possible that she could make such mistakes with Naida IX.So I asked her to take the puretone audiogram with both of them.She is trained well to respond to sounds and I knew she would give accurate results even though the change is too quick.
    Prisha was asked and given instructions and we started.The IX gave her responses at 35db and when we put the III her responses are at 20-25!!Why is there such a huge difference?Mrs.W was surprised too.When we had switched to IX and had taken her audiogram for it , it was at 35 and she had felt that maybe the responses of III at 25 was a shear fluke.But now she too saw that Prisha is very accurate with responses.She made some manual changes in IX in the channels , as normally the HA programmes itself automatically.But the responses showed just a 5db difference.So now she is calling up Phonak and asking them about this issue.I have a feeling we may have to stick to III.We are now using III to see her responses at home with them.She does tell me they are louder and clearer!!?? Am confused as hell and just hope we get the best HA for her.Have been so caught up with various things that my blog has been sitting on the back burner.And Mrs.Hudlikar did tell me that there are people who are a bit upset about me not being regular,am sorry about it but a small comment and query left behind by them would surely motivate me to write more appropriately and regularly.Itna to banta hai!!!

Friday, February 4, 2011

A small tribute to my lovely teacher

On Star TV , a new digital program has been introduced to give tribute to a woman who is your inspiration.And for me all that means is my one and only Mrs.Alaka Hudlikar.She has made me what I am today, helping my daughter at every step.So a small thank you to her from the bottom of my heart.Thank you Ma'am for being there in our lives and lighting it up every step of our way.