Saturday, May 30, 2015

First tram ride

My star ! Big girl now.
 27th May 2015 will be one of our very special days in this journey. The fear with a child who has needs are too many. We always felt very insecure about leaving her anywhere alone. My husband often feared during travel in trams etc. I wanted to empower her and allow her to make it her personal journey and achievement.

Its easy peasy
So, we are soon moving from Germany and so many new changes are happening. I have so much I can pen down but unable to as time is short. But this needed an immediate post and so here it goes. We sold our car and are now depending on friends to taking us around. They are kind they don't allow us public transport. But yday was a day we had to try doing it. Normally it was decided I shall accompany her from the school just as I have been doing last 7 years or so. But yday was so caught up , I couldn't go to pick her up. So the previous night I instructed her about the journey back home. Explained how she had to go to the touchscreen of the automat , look for the British flag to change instructions to English and then follow to buy the ticket. She was nervous and so was I. The next day she attended school and at the end of the day she called me. She said "I reached the tram station. Now I touch the screen. Entered single ticket to our place , then one child and then there comes the money part. Put the money in and there comes the ticket with the 5 cents back ! " I was dumbfounded as I didn't expect it to go this smoothly. She then waited for the tram.

I called her in few mins and she was on it and we kept talking where she told me where she had reached. Soon she said mum next is our station. I suddenly realized I was on the wrong side of the station!!! In my excitement and nervousness I was waiting on the wrong side. I ran like crazy to cross to the other side as I had told her I would take a video of her coming in. Somehow made it in time. I was ready for my little star to walk into my hug. My excitement was nothing short of the kind you see in fans of big stars. The tram slid in and I saw her peeping out from behind the closed doors. She soon rushed into my waiting arms. So proud of her ! My star and princess who makes me believe that I am doing the right thing as a mum. Her support and belief in me and mine in her gives me so much strength.
Feel her confidence

This step has given us a lot of strength and also gave her a lot of confidence. She seems pretty sure about being able to do it. She did this again next day and today we decided she would help me too to buy. She and I travelled together and felt so happy together.

This does not mean that we should be doing the same. every person's situation is different and I knew it was  safe enough to take the risk here. I knew what mistakes she ould make and how I could rectify them. She was on call with me and had followed all the instructions well. She did not take risks either and trusted me and my instructions. In Germany I could take the risk of her getting off on a wrong station as its safe. I would not take the chance in all countries and places. What works for one doesn't work for all. One should take calculated risks and nothing that should endanger the child's safety and security.

I am so proud of her and this is another small feather in our cap. It might not mean anything to many people but to us......its one more very proud moment.

Monday, May 11, 2015

Latest on FB

This what's happening on Facebook, lots of updates on trails of Sky Q from Phonak and also the tricks we worked in helping us tune the aids better.