Saturday, June 28, 2008

A star

Prisha got a star on her cheek for singing "God's love,is so wonderful"She has just picked up the 1st line but she sang it all day.I had tears as I remembering in school I too had learnt it.We sang it together.
I spoke to her teacher in school and she was very happy with her.She was amazed how responsible she is with her hearing aids.As it is monsoon time in India I have made Prisha wear a linen scarf under the raincoat so that not a drop falls on the aids.But teacher said that prisha asks for help with raincoat, when it is raining .She is so tiny , yet how grown they are as far as their needs are concerned!I just told her if the aids get wet you cannot hear so be careful, now she is cautious.
For her holiday homework we have made a file where we have stuck some of her artwork she did all from waste.The teacher is excited about it .

Friday, June 27, 2008

Back to regular life

So here we are back home after a nice long European holiday.It was nice to be home .All the experiences are etched in our memory.We really went around site seeing, eating , shopping and seeing the country side.Prisha loved the shopping in super markets ,trying out dresses in the trial rooms before buying and above all the flower girl she is ,she loved the flowers.It was so funny the way she stood hiding behind the curtain waiting while she asked me to get more clothes for her to try.The moment she would see flowers, she posed perfectly for that perfect picture.

As we were all the time together,my son and Prisha ended up spending all the time together as there was not much TV and outing during the day.She learnt to irritate her big brother and learnt to give pit pat answers as I never got involved in their fights.It really helped them to bond as he too realized she was better company than no company at all.They would play hide and seek, do pillow fights,have some funny conversations and laugh out or simply fight.I have noticed it has made her conversations more clear and she uses a lot of her mind to make proper sentences.My friends found a great change in her level of confidence.She is going out to make more friends,trying to understand what they speak,and is actually mixing around a lot more.Problem in India is the number of languages she comes across.Many kids do not speak english and so closes up to talking with kids.She will come around I am sure.Back to school,speech therapy classes and pressures!

Saturday, June 7, 2008

A funny incident

We are in Austria for a month and having a chilled out time.As not too many Tv channels are there , we end up watching only english news or the 2 hindi channels .all that we watch in hindi language ends up in a lot of melodrama, shouting , crying etc.Prisha has ended up watching all that and asks me why is the woman crying or sad or shouting etc.I try and give her logical answers.Last night she removed her aids and was preparing to sleep while I watched TV.There were 2 people argueing and Prisha watched intensely.After a while she got a bit worked up watching all the drama and she held her ears and shouted__"aunty is shouting, my ears are paining". we laughed so much as she never realised she wasn't hearing.I am so happy as she reacts very normally.
In fact this morning the house keepers came to clean the house.The father son team come every friday to clean the service appartment.The old fellow speaks the local dilect which is not easy to understand and to top it he has a drawl.He got us some sweets and Prisha was thrilled.The old man started to change the bed linen and I decided to help him.Prisha too started to pitch in by doing the buttons of the blanket covers.She started to blabber with him and he too started to chat up.My son and I laughed so much at the normal converstion that was going on with prisha blabbering with a few words of english thrown in between the gibberish and the old fellow yapping in german.It was a very nice thing to experience.Nobody could tell that they were blabbering and not chatting up.
she is having a good time.She loves going shopping to supermarkets.For that she prepares a list,and she reminds me what has to be picked up.There so many different things and the kids are enjoying this way of life