Friday, August 31, 2012

A long wait and an update

   Yes, it has been really long since I came on to my blog. Too many things kept me away and I missed it as much. I designed and painted the set for the school play, Prisha too visited and did a bit of stenciling , she enjoyed that. the school had international fest and I got busy with the hospitality bit and then soon after it was vacation time. We were in India and yes many things there with my eyes being lazered for eye correction and a cousin sister in law dealing with advanced breast cancer and then back again here. All in all so much in the last 4-5 months that few things which were priority actually went in the back ground. Hoping to blog more often.

   Time to go back to school, Prisha came to grade 3 and then started my stress about what is in store with such an open kind of education, she does have her issues. We had a meeting with the principal of the school, the mentoring head and also the class teacher to see where she stood and what we could expect. In certain areas she did fall short but in reading, spellings and her hand writing scored very high. Her areas that needed help were abstract concepts and using vocabulary. We have to work harder on those areas.