Monday, July 18, 2016

Holidays over

An old post yet worth a share. 
It's been a very long and hectic holiday. We really moved around in the last one month of the holidays. It's tiring and tells on your bones packing and unpacking. What also takes a toll on is Prisha. She was exposed to a lot of family and dear friends. She interacted with all and had shared chemistry with everyone. Played games and chatted with new faces and some very old. She tried to finish her holiday homework which she detests but managed to cope and keep in touch with a bit of studies. I am not anti homework as it bridges a gap between the school and holidays. But like every year , the holidays played their part. The regression has set in yes as I got busy with too many things that needed my attention. Needed my emotional resting along with building bridges that break due to long breaks. She too was using the basic vocab and barely reading much. To add to all this .... The background sounds in India are so much higher I realize. The fans buzzing , the vehicles honking and whizzing past and the constant TV or music that runs. Apart from few who mindfully kept her alert she has started to not listen to the conversation around. She says "huh" pretty often and it really bothers me and I am pulling her up for it. But this happens to everyone but to deaf kids much more. So we are now back to the grind as they say. Coming home was very calming and gave us that peace that we are in our space yet the break was much needed despite its flaws. Building stamina now for another uphill and tough year ahead when she moves to grade 7! Having faced so much last year , I am more geared up but like they say... You can't be prepared enough. As her parents we have to keep fighting the battle in a world where not many understand or want to understand we parents fight each day. Another year of educating the unaware world , another year of emotional turmoils, another year of victories to smile at and another year of unknown ventures! Let the journey begin!