Monday, January 30, 2017

Sound of Iphone keys

Together we can
Small happiness for us mums of deaf kids is to share small victories around how our kids manage their hearing issues. This morning there was one such incident that made me realize how early intensive speech therapy can help them hear better which I need to share.
      I was typing on my iPhone and Prisha turns around and says I can hear your tik tik. As usual I refused to believe it. She was 2 ft away. I tested her trying to fool her but each time she gave me the correct answer. It just made me want to thank my mentor one more time. We mums find these small happiness as real big in our lives. 
        Ma'am had trained us to help them listen to softer and softer sounds. According to her you can train them to pay attention to softer sounds early. As little as 1 yr old I would do many exercises helping her to listen to mustard popping in oil , water tap sounds etc. Perhaps those early pressures and training helped her to listen n talk on phone , waves of water on beach etc.Auditory training early n intensive helps to condition them and she was v good at small details. Feeling thankful and empowered.