Friday, June 19, 2015

Thank God for her language

Each time Prisha is on her own and in situation which can be unnerving for us parents , I feel so happy she has language to depend on and has acquired it and solves her problems. Today on the way home she went to buy the ticket on the automat for the tram and it wasn't working! She called me and I asked her to press buttons again. It didn't work, puzzled that she was. While I started to rattle that she should ask for help... She was already at it! She asked a lady who explained that she should take the picture on her phone of the automat and keep. If the ticket checker comes to check her ticket , she should show the picture and tell him that the automat is not in function. Then she won't be fined. She made me also speak with the lady to confirm and we were so happy that I didn't have to rush to school to pick her up which would have been quite a job!! So proud and happy that she has language and these small situations are making her gain confidence in herself and making her independent! This would have been so hard with signs and lip reading ! Thankful for the spoken language and alaka ma'am! 

Friday, June 12, 2015

Inspiration to dance

When you have speech and language nothing is impossible. Hard work is what gives you success. Prisha has made a sister here in Diya and she finds her so pretty and talented. Diya plays a piano and does an Indian dance form bharatnatyam and is now inspired to learn it. Will she ? Will we get a chance? Future will tell us. I am very happy that she is inspired by Diya and had a chance yesterday to meet a few very talented artists who came to Germany to perform. Down to earth and fun people who inspired and encouraged the youngsters! I hope Prisha finds an opportunity and such inspiring people. Diya is great inspiration for her and hope they always remains connected!

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Return of a big girl

As I wait for her to return from her trip,I sit with my coffee and a snack thinking about the last 3 days as teacher of ESL classes and the letter I received from the school for the presentation on deafness. How one thing in my life has changed everything in my life and made it more meaningful! I may not have a career which brings me money but I have a satisfaction that most would die for! I am thankful for what I have got from my two angels'am and Prisha !
Another hour and she would be here... How would she have changed in these 3 days? As a mum to her ... Life has been different , defying and challenging on every level of my being.... Physical, emotional , mental ! How to do things that are right for her, how is it that I can make life easier for her in the long run coz trust me life is HARD! What lessons can I teach now so that she can deal with life better? These and more always work on me. Most days I take decisions about her without asking anyone trusting my feeling as a mum. I don't want to paint a rosy picture for her coz life isn't a bed of roses, after I am gone , she has to deal with it. Empowering her such that she can live life big. I wait for that bus to return now... It took my little girl as I watched from my ESL  classroom and shall return with a grown up young lady who dealt with issues by herself, took decisions herself, no calls to mum ,no help from mum... Just she and her friends! Can't wait to hear her stories!

Monday, June 1, 2015

The first independent flight out of our nest

As my little girl readies herself to go off on a 3 day class trip to see castle and study medieval history , one more person has to ready herself to be alone by herself after 19 years in a home. After the children arrived there was never a peaceful and dull moment and I wished that soon I should have them out into their lives. These 3 days would be kind of testing moments. My Prisha who never stayed away from me shall be with her group of teachers and friends with no phone on herself, no news is good news. All my support and confidence shall hopefully bear fruits, all that I did to get her to be independent depends on this trip. As a mother of a child with hearing impairment it's a moment not easy to live. What if her batteries are over, what if she misses instructions , what if she can't hear, what if .......Unsteady feelings of confidence and weakness , faster heartbeats and lots of mixed emotions inside of me. I have been able to build enough support in teachers through my work at school ... Yet .... !!!! I am a mum of a very special kid who lives in my soul and have been one who put every single letter in her vocabulary. Today she is going to be on her own and will bring back lots of words and sentences which I shall cherish! Praying and wishing to almighty to take care of her. We both are overwhelmed but I have to keep a tough heart and show an unaffected face as always . Tonight is going to be a long night as will be the next two. Heart beat .... Please stay steady.... One beat is going away to get independent !