Friday, June 19, 2015

Thank God for her language

Each time Prisha is on her own and in situation which can be unnerving for us parents , I feel so happy she has language to depend on and has acquired it and solves her problems. Today on the way home she went to buy the ticket on the automat for the tram and it wasn't working! She called me and I asked her to press buttons again. It didn't work, puzzled that she was. While I started to rattle that she should ask for help... She was already at it! She asked a lady who explained that she should take the picture on her phone of the automat and keep. If the ticket checker comes to check her ticket , she should show the picture and tell him that the automat is not in function. Then she won't be fined. She made me also speak with the lady to confirm and we were so happy that I didn't have to rush to school to pick her up which would have been quite a job!! So proud and happy that she has language and these small situations are making her gain confidence in herself and making her independent! This would have been so hard with signs and lip reading ! Thankful for the spoken language and alaka ma'am! 

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