Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Return of a big girl

As I wait for her to return from her trip,I sit with my coffee and a snack thinking about the last 3 days as teacher of ESL classes and the letter I received from the school for the presentation on deafness. How one thing in my life has changed everything in my life and made it more meaningful! I may not have a career which brings me money but I have a satisfaction that most would die for! I am thankful for what I have got from my two angels'am and Prisha !
Another hour and she would be here... How would she have changed in these 3 days? As a mum to her ... Life has been different , defying and challenging on every level of my being.... Physical, emotional , mental ! How to do things that are right for her, how is it that I can make life easier for her in the long run coz trust me life is HARD! What lessons can I teach now so that she can deal with life better? These and more always work on me. Most days I take decisions about her without asking anyone trusting my feeling as a mum. I don't want to paint a rosy picture for her coz life isn't a bed of roses, after I am gone , she has to deal with it. Empowering her such that she can live life big. I wait for that bus to return now... It took my little girl as I watched from my ESL  classroom and shall return with a grown up young lady who dealt with issues by herself, took decisions herself, no calls to mum ,no help from mum... Just she and her friends! Can't wait to hear her stories!

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