Saturday, February 18, 2012

Am on Facebook

      After my blogging and Youtube uploads I have been encouraged by many to do go beyond, my mind and heart push me too. There is so much information that is there but sometimes it boggles you with the language and the magnitude of it. Sometimes a bit concise and simple language can make all the difference. The lecture at the deaf school too encouraged me to do go beyond and spread awareness amongst the masses.How and where was the question and then I thought of networking site. Everybody is on Facebook and that inspired me to start a page on FB and it has been liked by quite a few. If nothing more I expect the masses to learn a bit more about it as one never knows who would be affected and also they might just share with someone they know. I update it daily with a bit of information from me and some from the net. Am hoping it makes its place felt in due course of time.

I am enjoying this and hope to improve on it as the years go. My personal experiences too would be there.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Ear is clear

      This morning we got the call from the ENT specialist eventually. We have been waiting to hear good news and we did. She is clear of any fungus in the ear and now we just need to de-wax her ear. We have an appointment where he would put ear drops and clean her ears. So maybe the ache is also due to the hard wax which hurts her when she presses her aid in her ear. We would soon sort that out.
       Meanwhile Prisha is quite unhappy with her PE period. Her teacher asked her to do a somersault and when she said she cannot, he still pushed her to do it and then helped her to do one. In the process she hit her chin badly on the chest ! She was hurt badly and her chest has been hurting her a lot since then. More than the hurt she is scared of now going to school and when she saw there was no PE, she reluctantly got ready. She is developing a fear I don't like. I have a meeting with the PE teacher next week and we need to sort this issue out. 

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Ear infections again?

    Prisha was down with chicken pox last week and we were busy with her.She got it from my son and we didn't know if we wanted it or not for her. The itching and pain in the boils made me feel she shouldn't but the fact that it would give her immunity towards this for life, made me want it for her. So we spent the entire 3 weeks looking after kids who were isolated from regular My son had one in his ear canal too and so that fear was there that if Prisha had it in her ear too, she would be without hearing aids for 10 days. Fortunately, she had a small bout of it and she was clean in 8 days. Maybe something to do with the vaccine.
     After about a day , she started to complain about ear pain when she pulled the mold out of her left ear. Fear again and remembered the bad year of ear infections. So we took an appointment with an ENT and meanwhile we kept checking her ear. We had been to the audiologist for new molds and she said that her left ear had hard wax and so had to get it cleaned before taking the impression. Her complaint has been on.
      This morning at the ENT specialist, we got her ears looked into and said there was a lot of hard wax and something that looked like fungus. he is doing the culture for us and we would know by Monday. Meanwhile he did find some redness in the pinna (part of the ear that covers the outer ear).So he cleaned her ear and put some gauge with medicine for the whole day. It tickled her a great deal she said....I think the itchy ticklish feeling was from the medicine that was working on it. Next 2 days , she is without the hearing aid in that ear and we need to put that ointment 2 times a day. Hoping this makes it good or else he would start on antibiotics. By then we would also know the result of the culture too.Keeping fingers and hoping that we are not in the list of ear infections !