Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Ear is clear

      This morning we got the call from the ENT specialist eventually. We have been waiting to hear good news and we did. She is clear of any fungus in the ear and now we just need to de-wax her ear. We have an appointment where he would put ear drops and clean her ears. So maybe the ache is also due to the hard wax which hurts her when she presses her aid in her ear. We would soon sort that out.
       Meanwhile Prisha is quite unhappy with her PE period. Her teacher asked her to do a somersault and when she said she cannot, he still pushed her to do it and then helped her to do one. In the process she hit her chin badly on the chest ! She was hurt badly and her chest has been hurting her a lot since then. More than the hurt she is scared of now going to school and when she saw there was no PE, she reluctantly got ready. She is developing a fear I don't like. I have a meeting with the PE teacher next week and we need to sort this issue out. 


  1. well I did swimming for PE class in winter of 2010, I knew it was hard for me without the hearing aids on but I always watch my other friends swim and watched for my teacher's gesture of what we're doing next *visually*

  2. This is what she would do now, watch other kids do the activities and maybe have the confidence to then go ahead. keeping positive. Thanks for writing in.

  3. Yay for her ear getting cleared out - I am so glad the infection is gone. I hope the wax comes out easily so she can hear better again.

    Did Prisha ever have any vestibular symptoms? Balance issues, that sort of thing? Nolan sometimes has balance issues and can just fall down, and sometimes it makes him nervous about trying new things. So tough for her! I wonder if a gymnastics class outside of school would help her? It is so hard to see kids struggle and be afraid of things!