Saturday, February 18, 2012

Am on Facebook

      After my blogging and Youtube uploads I have been encouraged by many to do go beyond, my mind and heart push me too. There is so much information that is there but sometimes it boggles you with the language and the magnitude of it. Sometimes a bit concise and simple language can make all the difference. The lecture at the deaf school too encouraged me to do go beyond and spread awareness amongst the masses.How and where was the question and then I thought of networking site. Everybody is on Facebook and that inspired me to start a page on FB and it has been liked by quite a few. If nothing more I expect the masses to learn a bit more about it as one never knows who would be affected and also they might just share with someone they know. I update it daily with a bit of information from me and some from the net. Am hoping it makes its place felt in due course of time.

I am enjoying this and hope to improve on it as the years go. My personal experiences too would be there.

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