Saturday, December 26, 2009

lots of interaction

Last 2 weeks have been very full with activities. We had our family from around the world home for that time. Prisha's uncles and aunts and cousins were there and we had lots of action back home. We observed a very interesting aspect of Prisha's growth. Every individual is so different and she interacted with every body at their level. According to her aunt who is into the field of child education, Prisha's emotional quotient is very high.She was dealing with every person defferently and it was all speech dependent. One of her uncles , who has deaf nieces on his paternal side, is a lot into signs. He told me that as a habit he would use signs with Prisha but she always responded to speech in speech and did not pay attention to signs.He was happy that she did not lip read , she responded to everybody from any direction and did not need to be spoken individually. She sang, she acted out the teacher student role so well that everybody was into splits and knew what her teacher must be doing in the class.Sometimes she acts out doctor -patient, teacher student or sometimes it was speech therapy and other times she was the best momma.She kept each person occupied loving them, entertaining them and interacting with them the way a normal child would. Looking at that at times I had moist eyes as everybody was so happy at the way she has turned out. No body pities her and they are all thankful to my speech therapist for her help in Prisha's integration into normal life.It has made my life so easy and simple as she has a spoken language to interact with the world.
I was teaching her our different relations that she was coming across. The funniest was something that every body had had them holding their stomachs.I was teaching her about the various relations that she shares with all and how my relations are different with those very people.As her dad is my husband , I told her that my husband was coming home and I would hug him. She was insisting that it was her husband. After a long explanation she got this straight. When we had our living room full, she started off her dramas. She said aloud, " mummy, I love your husband, aunt, i love your husband , granny I love your husband". For a moment everybody was silent and then there was a huge laughing session after that.I love the way she deals with situations without me interfering and she comes to terms with them and them uses them to entertain us.This time I realized the importance of a spoken language over signs. I am glad to have such a normal life where each one of us enjoying the little child in our home.We are all thankful for AVT and the teacher who has translated it to us so that we can understand it in layman's terms.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

External otitis update

 Prisha has been through a lot last one week. After being diagnosed with external otitis, she started off with antibiotics for 5 days.There was a lot of pain where she would shout and my whole body would cramp up feeling her pain.After 2 doses of the medicines, that night I got a shock of my life when I reached out to clean her ear. Her ear canal was totally closed with big boil as it is and so cleaning it was almost impossible.There was a lot of blood flowing. I just stopped breathing at that moment. I called up her doctor. Fortunately , after a couple of calls , he finally picked up my phone. After hearing my panicked voice, he asked me to just clean the blood and take the ointment T-bact and put some on cotton wool and put into her ear. The whole night I was a bit tensed. Since then , she has been getting better. Every night since then , she has been draining out yellow fluid stained with blood on the pillow at night.It is a lot of relief and at the same time I am amazed at the extent of her infection.Today I visited the Doc. On examination, he told me that her ear drum had ruptured because of the severe infection and it had started to heal.He showed me both the ear drums to see the difference.He explained the whole science behind it and asked me to continue the anti biotics for 5 days more along with some ear drops.Her huge swelling of the tragus of the left ear has reduced to a great extent.The boil that completely closed the canal entrance has also reduced. Now cleaning the ear is easier. I hope this ear infection goes away for good. We have had enough of this this ear.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

External otitis

Prisha had started to complain of ear itch last 10 days.I would put in mullien ear drops and it would be fine the next morning. I have not been using the HA in the left ear still as the skin was still a bit sensitive.Then started the pain in the left ear.I peeped in and there her ear did look bad.I started to have sleepless nights and the fear in the mind played havoc. I spoke to my homeopath and he started her on special medication.Her ear started to have discharge and I needed to clean it 2 times a day which gave her relief. Her tragus [the little triangular ear piece that covers the ear canal] was swollen nearly 3 times and it was red.She was having immense pain and did not allow any touch.I started to panic yesterday when she said she had problem eating, opening her mouth and the pain extended to behind the ear, in front and the lobe. The canal on close examination did show tiny eruptions some with white fluid.I felt it was time to rush to an ENT specialist as she was crying in pain.My fear was for the ear drum. We both had a sleepless night as we had to take the appointment. Meanwhile I was giving her calc sulp 200 ,homeopathic medicine as liquid medicine every 2 hours.Fortunately , it was helping her. Some of her little eruptions did burst. This morning , she got up and was having pain still. I gave her painkiller.This evening we went to the specialist with my heart pounding against my chest.After examination, he found there was lots of fluid wax, which he started to clean. At home the entire roof is down when I check her ear.Here she sat like a little scared lamb. Fortunately her ear drum was intact but there was lots of inflammation of the eardrum and the ear canal was infected too. There was some fungus. She is down with skin infection again and was diagnosed with external otitis.Some anti biotics for three days and eardrops along with pain killers should see her through this.i have written to my homeopath. Hopefully he should see us through this tough patch too.I am hoping that this skin infection should be out soon.The pain is unbearable but I am proud of my lil girl who is bearing it and is wiping away my tears before hers when she cries in pain.Her reward for being such a great patient at the doc were her favorite things- a drawing book and some nice butterfly clips for her hair.On return she did not forget to thank her caretaker GOD- Hanumanji , for easing her pain.She did make the drawing too as thanks giving.