Tuesday, December 1, 2009

External otitis

Prisha had started to complain of ear itch last 10 days.I would put in mullien ear drops and it would be fine the next morning. I have not been using the HA in the left ear still as the skin was still a bit sensitive.Then started the pain in the left ear.I peeped in and there her ear did look bad.I started to have sleepless nights and the fear in the mind played havoc. I spoke to my homeopath and he started her on special medication.Her ear started to have discharge and I needed to clean it 2 times a day which gave her relief. Her tragus [the little triangular ear piece that covers the ear canal] was swollen nearly 3 times and it was red.She was having immense pain and did not allow any touch.I started to panic yesterday when she said she had problem eating, opening her mouth and the pain extended to behind the ear, in front and the lobe. The canal on close examination did show tiny eruptions some with white fluid.I felt it was time to rush to an ENT specialist as she was crying in pain.My fear was for the ear drum. We both had a sleepless night as we had to take the appointment. Meanwhile I was giving her calc sulp 200 ,homeopathic medicine as liquid medicine every 2 hours.Fortunately , it was helping her. Some of her little eruptions did burst. This morning , she got up and was having pain still. I gave her painkiller.This evening we went to the specialist with my heart pounding against my chest.After examination, he found there was lots of fluid wax, which he started to clean. At home the entire roof is down when I check her ear.Here she sat like a little scared lamb. Fortunately her ear drum was intact but there was lots of inflammation of the eardrum and the ear canal was infected too. There was some fungus. She is down with skin infection again and was diagnosed with external otitis.Some anti biotics for three days and eardrops along with pain killers should see her through this.i have written to my homeopath. Hopefully he should see us through this tough patch too.I am hoping that this skin infection should be out soon.The pain is unbearable but I am proud of my lil girl who is bearing it and is wiping away my tears before hers when she cries in pain.Her reward for being such a great patient at the doc were her favorite things- a drawing book and some nice butterfly clips for her hair.On return she did not forget to thank her caretaker GOD- Hanumanji , for easing her pain.She did make the drawing too as thanks giving.


  1. Not another external ear infection! I also pray that this will pass quickly for you. How sweet that little Prisha made the drawing for thanks. Her butterfly clips are very cute, too!

    Those external ear infections are such a problem, because they make the hearing aids uncomfortable and they hurt so badly. Nolan has wax at the moment (and possibly fluid/infection) and we see the ENT on the 7th. He does not like his hearing aids put in at the moment and will cry when we try to insert them. Our audiologist told us that the hearing aids push the wax against the eardrum, which hurts. I can't wait to have it taken out so it doesn't bother him anymore.

  2. Oh my God,If Nolan has even a bit of fluid, refrain from putting the aid as it only helps to multiply the bacteria which thrive in dark and moist environment.The skin too becomes too sensitive and any rubbing by the mould would increase his chances of a bad infection. till you see a doctor, remove the aid and blow dry the ear .I pray Nolan is soon all right.

  3. Leah and rouchi :

    At N's and P's age I used to have a LOT of ear infections.mom used to clean my ear with a little bit of olive oil it helped , but I did have recurring fungus.She also rubbed my earmold with otoferm and sometimes some cream for nappie rash so it would be on easy putting in and removal.Also my parents left me without my aids by six pm when my bedtime was at ten pm so my ears would have some time to dry and air off.cleaning buds were my best friends.Still are.

    That's the reason I'm wary of earmolds even with CI.

    I used to scream when I was asleep.Also tell the doctor to look up her throat and nose.Till I got diagnosed with my allergy every attack hit me square on the ears.( I have allergic rhinitis and I take a nose spray and since I don't need an earmold anymore I improved a lot )

  4. Thank you for your inputs. Will definitely keep this in mind.

  5. I am keeping his right one out for right now. It hurts him too much to put it in and there is just too much wax to tell if he has fluid or not. I really can't wait to see the ENT to get everything cleared out. I wish he was a little older and could tell me specifically what he was feeling!

  6. ooh not again? isnt there a way or a treatment to fully cure her from this infection? she definately needs a break from all this and so do u.i feel very scared whenever rashi itch her ear,every morning i blow dry her ear after bath to make sure her ears r dry but i also has to keep her ears open n free for good circulation of air.