Tuesday, December 8, 2009

External otitis update

 Prisha has been through a lot last one week. After being diagnosed with external otitis, she started off with antibiotics for 5 days.There was a lot of pain where she would shout and my whole body would cramp up feeling her pain.After 2 doses of the medicines, that night I got a shock of my life when I reached out to clean her ear. Her ear canal was totally closed with big boil as it is and so cleaning it was almost impossible.There was a lot of blood flowing. I just stopped breathing at that moment. I called up her doctor. Fortunately , after a couple of calls , he finally picked up my phone. After hearing my panicked voice, he asked me to just clean the blood and take the ointment T-bact and put some on cotton wool and put into her ear. The whole night I was a bit tensed. Since then , she has been getting better. Every night since then , she has been draining out yellow fluid stained with blood on the pillow at night.It is a lot of relief and at the same time I am amazed at the extent of her infection.Today I visited the Doc. On examination, he told me that her ear drum had ruptured because of the severe infection and it had started to heal.He showed me both the ear drums to see the difference.He explained the whole science behind it and asked me to continue the anti biotics for 5 days more along with some ear drops.Her huge swelling of the tragus of the left ear has reduced to a great extent.The boil that completely closed the canal entrance has also reduced. Now cleaning the ear is easier. I hope this ear infection goes away for good. We have had enough of this this ear.


  1. Oh, the pain of an ear infection like that is so severe! THe pain seems to reduce after the eardrum has ruptured. Nolan once woke with blood and yellow fluid coming out of his ear (a while ago) and it was a ruptured ear drum, too. Luckily, the eardrum usually heals up very quickly!

    I hope that ear heals completely and does not get infected again. You guys have had enough of these infections! By the end of this, you are going to know enough to become an ENT, lol!

  2. I am sure it is every mother's nightmare.I hope Nolan is fine now.Now she is better, but I think it has started to haunt me.I think these kids already have so many issues, now God should be kind and let all of them be off these infections.I already feel so informed and it empowers you but the fear is there as I keep suspecting each Doctor I go to.The ENT this time had prescribed an ototoxic drug, can you beat that?

  3. That is terrible! I dread ear infections. Hope the antibiotics do their thing quick.

    I have a blog award for you! Please stop by my blog tomorrow (Friday) to check it out.

  4. last week rashi had her medical check up in her school n doc said that there is a mur mur in her heart.but he failed to said that it couuld be nothing instead of that he said that may be there is a hole in her heart or some valve defect.it was such a tough week for us. we thought what next for her.but thank God it is just a functional mur mur nothing to worry but we r not taking any chances n going for echo test this week.other wise she is doing quite good in her language development.for we mothers every week is full of anxiety.God give us strength.Amin.

  5. I am glad it was nothing to worry about. Sometimes these docs really make simple things difficult.All moms have to have a heart of steel.