Friday, June 27, 2008

Back to regular life

So here we are back home after a nice long European holiday.It was nice to be home .All the experiences are etched in our memory.We really went around site seeing, eating , shopping and seeing the country side.Prisha loved the shopping in super markets ,trying out dresses in the trial rooms before buying and above all the flower girl she is ,she loved the flowers.It was so funny the way she stood hiding behind the curtain waiting while she asked me to get more clothes for her to try.The moment she would see flowers, she posed perfectly for that perfect picture.

As we were all the time together,my son and Prisha ended up spending all the time together as there was not much TV and outing during the day.She learnt to irritate her big brother and learnt to give pit pat answers as I never got involved in their fights.It really helped them to bond as he too realized she was better company than no company at all.They would play hide and seek, do pillow fights,have some funny conversations and laugh out or simply fight.I have noticed it has made her conversations more clear and she uses a lot of her mind to make proper sentences.My friends found a great change in her level of confidence.She is going out to make more friends,trying to understand what they speak,and is actually mixing around a lot more.Problem in India is the number of languages she comes across.Many kids do not speak english and so closes up to talking with kids.She will come around I am sure.Back to school,speech therapy classes and pressures!

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