Monday, September 28, 2009

Some touching moments
Am sharing this from Julia's blog.It was a very soul stirring video and I wanted to share it with people reading my blog.Thanks Julia for sharing. Had a great moment with Prisha when we both watched it. Prisha asked me why the man was not talking.I told her he was using signs as he cannot hear and so he can't speak. To this she asked me why he does not wear hearing aids.Then she went on to tell me that ask his mother to put on hearing aids for him and then his mother could teach him to talk.I was so touched at her sensitivity as well as I felt that she does treat her handicap as part of life. I realized that part of her knows that it is the mother who is responsible for teaching her to talk.
She is now down with high temperature last 2 days. I am really loosing it. The moment I feel she has recovered from some problem and can go back to school , she comes down with something else.Why can't life be just a little normal?It works on me . Every morning I have got used to asking her about the ear pain, cough, cold, sore throat, itching in the ear or pain in the boils on her face. the big boil in her scalp burst last week and huge amount of discharge and then bleeding gave me a sleepless night.I wonder what is causing so much eruptions on her face. This year has been tough for us.Hope that her problems soon are out of her system.

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  1. Oh, poor Prisha with the boils! I certainly hope those go away soon. Here's to getting completely healthy again and not having further problems with boils or ear infections or other issues!