Friday, September 18, 2009


I went to the audiologist today to get new moulds made for her hearing aids.Since her ear is healing slowly, I don't want to use the old mould, maybe even after sterilizing it so many times the ear is still sensitive to the mould or there is still a tiny bit of remains of germs on the mould. Don't want to take any chances.I asked him to look in, keeping my fingers crossed all the while.My heart was beating fast thinking about what news he would give me. He looked up and told me there was just tiny bit of wax and canal was a little red still! I was so happy as I have waited for this news for so long.I have decided to wait for a month more, though he says I can use it now . I don't want to take chances.The ear scratching has reduced thanks to my homeopathic medicines. I am so glad that my homeopath dear Dr. Sunil Anand had assured me that the infection would go provided I trusted him and he told me not to take allopathic medicines as they interfered with his treatment. he told me if he felt the need he would tell me when to go for allopathy. I hope the day arrives soon when she would wear both aids. Her ear scratching has reduced and now when she does complain , we remove the aids and dry with hair dryer. It really helps.Next week I will see and decide if I want to change the mould if her ear is alright.I shall get new impressions done. Prisha is really brave I feel.The thought of something being stuffed in my ear canal for 1 min is so yukky.But I know she did it so well when she was 3 years old and now at 5, she is stronger.Looking forward to some happier , healthier and better hearing times. Cheers to this thought.


  1. Oh, thank goodness she can wear her other aid in only one month! It is better to be safe than sorry, and I am so glad she has healed so well. I am always surprised at how well children will sit for earmolds. Nolan is only two, and he is a very good boy for new impressions!

  2. I'm glad to hear the good news! I'm sure she's looking forward to hearing with both ears again.