Sunday, September 18, 2016

Give clearer instructions to deaf kids

Be specific with instructions to deaf kids specially while giving them corrections. Just saying " I can't hear" " speak clearly" " I can't understand" "repeat " isn't going to make them understand why and what. Tell them specifically...." You are too soft and garbled" " you are speaking too fast" " your mouth is open and hence it sounds garbled" " your sentence formation isn't correct and hence repeat" or "I wasn't listening and hence repeat ". It would give a chance to the child to analyze and understand their mistakes better and they can hence make fewer mistakes by thinking before speaking. It's going to be easier for them and easier on you. A more broad statement only shall confuse the child further and the child feels intimidated for being corrected constantly. Specific instructions are a short cut towards clearer and open lines of communication. Don't underestimate the child's understanding. It's not easy for them to take corrections constantly. But by giving them clearer instructions, you are respecting their efforts and helping them analyze their own efforts. That's more encouraging than just a straight statement..,I didn't understand speak again. 

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