Monday, November 26, 2007

A new lesson

Last week I tried a new concept of ' WHY '.It is very difficult to make a 3 yr old this concept.It is not something you can touch or feel.After a long thought , I tried asking her questions relating to her.Eg..Why do you want food?[when she asked me for it].She started to think and said..I don't know.I gave her the answer....Because I am hungry.Of course I wanted a full sentence each time.The same I tried with sleep, thirst,going to park etc, things she can relate too.It is also important that one uses it at the right time ,that is, at a time when she wants that particular thing, so that explaining is easy.I also use a lot of negative cross
You want to go to the park because you want to sleep?
she says at once...noooooo, because I want to go to the swing.
It works with most questions.A small child like that needs a lot of explaining but soon learns to understand the concept.


  1. Dear Ar jee,
    I too have a sister who is hearing impaired and fully understand and share your views on how to cope with the situation. I would like to advise all parents that a hearing impaired child CAN lead a FULLY normal life if given the right support. As you have said else where in your blog, hearing aids + the right therapy are the best solution to this problem (not cochlear implants). Keep up the good work

  2. Why and how were the most difficult for my child to learn too. I taught one question form every 2 weeks. At the end of the period, after teaching all the question forms, I made a list of questions for every Wh form and would mix up and ask him random questions. - Asha Shivaram