Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Gayatri mantra

Prisha has gone to school for about 3weeks.They have to say the prayers which are a combination of sanskrit and hindi prayer.Well she has mastered the 'Gayatri mantra' and the hindi prayer- 'itni shakti hame dena datta', she has got a bit of the tune and a few words.I was so excited when she just rattled it off.I did not want to teach her as I can get the understanding of how much she depends on her hearing.She is just listening and rattling off.
These days she is into a lot of art and craft.I stimulated her with a small box into making a landscape and then an engine.Now she gets so excited looking at any thing that we think is waste--soap cartons,tags,chocolate wrappers,etc.It is fun to see her getting engrossed.She has made flowers with old VCDs, a fan ,butterfly with a tag, a ship with stones and a toothpaste box which stands on the beach with a light house.We ask what to make and I lead her to her idea.
Next week we go to Austria with family for a holiday .we'll be away for a month.It will be good for all of us and specially for the kids to see a new country and see speak about it.Happy summer vacations to all!

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