Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Class presentation

I am sooooo happy today.Prisha had her class presentation , where they have a little programme to showcase their singing and learning in school and parents are invited.She was one of boldest and clearest to speak on stage.I had tears running down my eyes to hear her speak not in english but hindi! 2 years ago we were aiming at just some communication but today here she was singing away in Hindi. I saw her singing away other nursery rhymes taught in school. Go my girl go , conquer the world!
I loved the way she told me -"Mama you go home, I will come in the bus.". She kept throwing flying kisses from where she sat and I kept giving back too.It was funny that from this far we were speaking looking at each others lips.We do end up looking at lips and can understand since we were at a distance. So it is ok.


  1. Hi Ruchi Goyal:cmmnt-484):

    Thanks for sharing this with us. I came to your blog from Amitji's blog where you had a comment today. It is very inspiring .
    We are the parents of a special need child and we fully understand your emotions. I wonder why GOD does these to kids. But I believe GOD chooses a select few who handle these kind of situations in life and gives them the strength to said through. We have a rough Road, but hopefully we will walk through. Thanks again for writing here.
    With Greetings and Prayers,

  2. I share your happiness Ruchi. I also got tears reading Class presentation. May all the happiness be blessed to your child and she lives a normal happy life.