Sunday, October 12, 2008

Stage appearance

Yesterday was a big day for me.I came on stage after a gap of 17 long years!It was such a good feeling.My son plays keyboard since the last 6 months and so his teacher wanted to have a performance in our housing complex.Well we had been practicing and he asked me to do a vocal and also host the show.I was nervous and I think after such a long gap you develop a complex and stage fright.But thanks to Prisha's speech therapy , I have the confidence to speak in public.Since I use a lot of language , it is not difficult to speak in public anymore.Mrs. A Hudlikar's classes have given me the trust in my abilities back.I used to sing , act in plays etc on stage till I was in college.After my wedding I got so involved in my family that my personal growth was on the back burner.I am coming of my own now.I called my teacher to take her blessings as I feel what I am today is thanks to her.

The performance was well received and for the 1st timer my anchoring was appreciated too.Prisha too spoke on the mike with so much ease and confidence that it was highly applauded.It was a great day for all of us.


  1. Its wonderful to be part of this amazing mother and daughter's journey ! I always look forward to admiring her artworks and wonder about her ideas and thinking behind her representations.

    As a teacher I see her symbols reflecting her fast growing ability to make meaning of the world around her.The pictures of her creative expressions you have posted are evidence of the high quality of interactions you ensure she has with you and others.
    I have always felt you make a wonderful teacher yourself !

    I admire your efforts and determination to make that difference while making it visible through your blogs , you are helping many others on the journey.
    Big hug from Singapore !

  2. i too feel focussing on what she can do well will help her to regain her confidence quickly. when i work with young children i see how fragile some times their confidence can be..i see how vulnerable they are when repeatedly corrected specially if they are going through a phase where they have experienced more misses than hits in their efforts to achieve the expected performance from adults. Young children start avoiding unpleasant situations(pretty much similar to adults)and bounce back with first taste of success in the activity.Feeling successful is one of the best motivating factors in learning.I am sure you will think of new strategies to turn around the situation with creative solutions...
    hugs from singapore