Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Reading and writing

   Since we have 10 days of autumn break,we are all working on Prisha's reading, writing and thinking skills.Initially it seemed a very tough and uphill task as the 4 months of long break seemed to have just taken a toll on her mind and eventually speech too.The kick start was difficult but the last 2-3 weeks of work is making a difference.The whole concept of putting her thoughts to language and then to put it into writing is a journey by itself.  I remembered the transition was tough for my son too when he was 6, but I was more worried about Prisha may be because of her being hearing impaired.Now we have taught her to break the word and she is able to slowly break her own words and loves reading by herself with me around. At times she does gets lazy but after a giggle at herself, she does it.We are working on T,D,B,P sounds which sound very similar and she slowly making out the difference.The rest she is not having problems.The new settings are making her hear a lot better and we are talking to her at normal voice levels.She loves it while I read to her and in between I stop and ask her questions, relate it to our lives and at the end I summarize the story , followed by her summary.I help her out with that.She is able to hold the story in her mind along with the chain of sequence, we slowly get it down into words.It is turning out to be fun for us.
Painting,sticking and working on the puppet

A write up on the procedure

Love the results
    She was reading about Santa in a story book and she wanted to make a Santa puppet for herself.So we looked around for material and yesterday we made a lovely puppet followed by a write up on it.This write up included the material required followed by the steps to make the puppet.It was a day well spent as the outcome was wonderful and we all LOVED it.


  1. What an adorable puppet! That is a very clever and creative way to make writing fun and purposeful. You are such a great mom!

  2. Very interesting and knowledgeable ...thank you,Rouchi