Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Upgraded to Naida IX

   Today was the day for hearing aids trial of Naida IX.Prisha had her ballet and she did not want to miss it.Requested her teacher for a special favour.She was put with the youbger group at 4 pm and so we could meet the new audiologist Mrs.Wiesel who is looking after Prisha as Mrs. Z is still sick and would be in the hospital for surgery.Mrs.W is again a lovely person and gave us loads of information and we love it that Geers really looks after their customers and each person working is so sincere.We love them all!
  Out came the new HA with Fm attachments.Looked very big and since they were already set to her required needs, Prisha wore her new NAIDA IX.She loved them instantly.She said she hears more clearly and loudly and when I asked her if she wants the ones she wore before, she refused! That means there was a huge difference.Mrs.W told me that this model has 20 channels as opposed to the 6 in Naida III and so were tuned for finer details and it would help Prisha make the details in the consonants specially. They are also great for focusing on speech more and also they make listening to music also possible.We are happy.We tested her and she was able to make out all the differences and is happy with them.We tried the FM , she said it was wonderful and liked it that she could listen to us from so far.But we do have issues and our reservations on the FM system.Like Prisha's teacher pointed out, that she is always walking around in the class and is talking to each child and it would interfere with Prisha's concentration when she is talking and helping other kids.She told us Prisha was listening very well in class and she did not feel the need to wear an FM but she is willing to try.We are going to India for a week for a wedding and after we are back she would go to class with and FM.We would like prisha to have the FM when we are in the wedding as the 4 days are going to be full of celebration, music and dancing to bollywood songs and running around in public places and  it would help Prisha to be in touch with us always. New journey again and lets see how we are able to work on this new path.


  1. We have the FM system, and found out that it can be programmed to have a different "mix" (so that it can be 100% FM, or only 50% FM and 50% hearing aid microphone). Our audiologist programmed it to be 100% FM and Nolan hates it, because he can't hear any environmental sounds. Now we have to get it reprogrammed to get the 50% mix. We only use it for very specific situations- like noisy environments- and for some speech therapy sessions so he can hear the /s/ sound. With all the medical problems lately, the hearing has been put on the back burner!

  2. Hi,
    leah is right..you can hav your FM programmed to suit her needs .
    i use the FM when i have to attend a workshop or a school meeting and beleive me it works ideally when used for certain situations--classroom lectures.
    One can use it when on a walk.or when one is sitting in the back seat of the car and cant hear/follow front seat conversations.
    use it for certain situations first,see heer comfort level as too many sounds can divert attention and then go ahead with her comfort level..
    thank god for technology ruchi