Thursday, September 15, 2011

Funny moment

      This morning on our way to the school, Prisha stumped us with her use of language and we had a great laughter which made our day.She saw her dad going to school after 2 days of leave and asked if he went to office after he finished college. She then asked me.I told her I worked too after college and then I stopped. Then came the one liner which had us in splits.
Prisha- "you stopped working to save me? "
My husband and I laughed out loud and I said that I stopped working to save her brother and her.
Prisha- "well, you can start going to office once I get married."
I asked if she did not want to go to office.
Prisha- " I want to go to office but I need to save my children." very seriously.
I volunteered to save her kids while she went to office.She looked pretty doubtful about that one.I guess she did not think I was capable of handling her kids well as I am a firm mom.She is going to be a very lovable mom,its so obvious with the way she talks and handles her teddy.What ever be the future, this moment made our day and one more sweet memory to add in my diary.


  1. I love that - moms step out of the workforce to save their kids, lol! Prisha is a riot - and such a sweet girl, too. She'll be able to do whatever she wants when she grows up - whether that be working in an office or "saving" her kids! :-D

  2. Thanks Leah, these kids are really funny and it so nice to hear these one liners now and then.Makes up for all the tough times.

  3. Thanks for sharing your amazing blog on the Little Vani FB page! Your very positive attitude will certainly be a source of great encouragement to so many families who we work with in India!