Thursday, December 15, 2011

Improving vocabulary

     Prisha's reading has improved drastically thanks to the reading that she does and we are with her constantly. Yesterday at her after school activity reading , she read very well and her teacher told us that he was happy with her reading, spellings and her ability to fill in letters in the guessing the word game. But yes , her speech does lack usage of any new word till we force it down her or we don't remind her. Today I got a sudden brain wave. I think it should really help her remember new words and also help us make an extra effort to use new vocabulary. When she uses her simple language, we are going to substitute the simple words for her in her daily language then and there. If she says "I am sad", we would say "you are disappointed/frustrated/upset/etc" the many substitutes she can use as she mostly uses "sad"  to describe many feelings. I think it should help us and her as well, making our daily language broader and bigger , holding more So geared up for that, would keep my blog posted about results.


  1. Oh, that sounds like a good idea! Nolan scored very poorly on an expressive language evaluation (missing words like "castle" that a 4 year old should know) so we are really working on vocabulary, too. His pre-K teacher is wonderful and has been helping with lots of new words. They had a castle play set out last week and he came home and said, "palace is another word for castle" so his teacher is also helping him expand his vocabulary!

  2. hi :) if she is a visual learner then you can create cards with main word SAD --- and a new word for it by its side and either stick it up in a place where she sees it often
    when she says sad,you can play a game of making a new word and allow her to come up with a new word-any new word.
    i did this especially when they need to learn synonyms.
    quite a journey isnt it..
    am learning each day :)
    hugs to prisha dn you

  3. Every one who is new in english having problem in their vocabulary.
    We can improve our vocabulary with practice
    so keep practicing and keep posting..

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