Saturday, March 24, 2012

Updates from school

         I have been waiting to see the reactions a few days after my talk at Prisha's class on deafness. These effects die down soon and was hoping that all the kids would still understand Prisha's issues. But I am happy to know that she has a few who still help her out and are playing with her. Makes me happy. The teachers are more cooperative and give her a lot of attention in a positive way. Some girls have now started to be with her in group games. The teachers also try to understand her needs better. She used to give a few answers in the class which were a bit out of context, few kids laughed at her then. The teacher now makes an attempt to let her give an answer where they know she has better understanding and expect a correct answer.It boosts her confidence and gets her more respect and acceptance in her class by her peers. The teacher is giving me a few more hints on what is being taught in class which helps us to work with her at home and in turn she is more comfortable in the class in her understanding of the subject being taught. We get a few books home too on the subject. So hoping all is going good this term. We are still waiting to see if she gets a mentor to work with her once a week. The mentoring head is away so waiting for her to come back and get a best fit for her.The counselor would also work with a group of girls to get Prisha more friends soon after the Easter break. So we just wait and watch. 

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