Monday, April 16, 2012

Listen and repeat......the need of the hour

Snoozing on the way to Berlin
            Two weeks of long Easter break just passed by so quickly. We had guests over and so a lot of Hindi movies , Indian food and lots of attention on Prisha. It was funny to see her chuckling and laughing at the slapstick movies and I wondered what made her laugh as she isn't familiar with the language. But yes she read stories , we had discussions and the 3 day trip to Berlin, about 6 hour drive from here.So we packed up and one thing I did was ask her to pack her own things this time and we made it a great language activity.
           We started with a count of the number of days we were away, so how many sets of clothes- what does one set consist of and one extra for emergency, shoes, night clothes, accessories, which suitcase, cosmetics, her hearing aid kit, hair it and she was to do it. I must say we did a bit of Math, improve English, memory game, planning and above all my work was reduced. We had so much fun and she looked so proud at the end of it.
            One more thing we need to do with her is ask her to listen more with her mouth closed and then repeat after us. This is going to be helpful as she knows I would cross question her on it.Its really essential and in the long drive to Berlin with a bit of push , we saw  it made a huge difference in her speech. Also her HA is acting weird. She says it makes a weird sound, something like ....wao wao, and its not continuous. have to sort it out. We had got her puretone audiogram and its funny that her levels at high frequency show a deterioration of 10db and improvement in lower frequency by about 10 db. We are wondering and have not made any changes in her HA as the audiologist suggested. So hanging on.
           Berlin trip was also great and she did good with her walking, clicking pictures and looking at the building. we talked to her about the Parliament, the government and everything to do with it while we walked around the parliament building. Now we are back and its again school time ! She is happy and so are we.


  1. I hope her hearing aid is OK! That sound is very strange - what does the audiologist think about it? Vacations are great for working on language - we went on a 14 hour car trip to the beach and Nolan was able to see and understand concepts like the tide, sandbars, etc. that are difficult to grasp from reading books.

    I hope the deterioration of 10dB in the highs is a temporary thing - makes me wonder if the HA are having a distortion problem or something with the odd wao, wao sounds.

  2. yes it is a very good time indeed to work on the language.As for the wao wao sounds just wondering if it can happen in my daughter as she also sometimes repeat this when i put on the aids on it a concern then,what is the best way to solve it.

  3. It is the background noise suppression sound from the hearing aids. We got it reprogrammed. There are times she gets weird sounds from aids and that is because of the feedback too. This sound comes now and then and the audiologist isnt able to explain it.

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