Friday, May 2, 2014

Prisha talking about her connection she feels with Helen Keller (+playlist)

I am so happy to post this on my blog after a very long. Just caught up with so much ! But here is Prisha all of 10 and she feels connected to Hellen Keller. Blessed to hear her talk this way, accepting her disability and being confident about it. This is all I can ask as a mother.... She should be proud of what she is. Not saying there may not be days when she is upset and questions me..." Why me mum" , yet as of now happy that she is taking it in her stride. All thanks to my mentor Alaka ma'am!
Hope this inspires many parents to come forward and see deafness more seriously and take up speech therapy even more seriously. Hope it gets the place it so deserves.


  1. Way to go Prisha :):)each blog you post is so meaningful and inspiring Ruchi for moms of kids who are hearing impaired ..keep blogging :)

    1. All these are posted for people to find hope in a world where there are people ready to rip you for their benefit. I am glad we can help you.