Thursday, September 25, 2014

Empathy and sensitivity towards the hearing impaired

General thinking about deafness is that ....oh she can't hear but can speak and that's ok. No one knows what went in for her to speak coz you don't hear you don't speak.....period. I was lucky we forced her to hear , understand and speak. And that takes efforts even now as she has to strain more than others , has to work harder than many students put together to get a few things done. Hard work, p
ressure, stress, frustration, heart burn, scorn, push are a few words she saw very early in life as against many things most normal kids take for granted. Not being accepted easily by people around, not being kind and not being cordial and patient.....she understands it all when the others show these behaviours. Next time when you see someone trying to say a few sentences and is putting all their being together to get it right, just have respect and be patient coz you don't know how much guts and courage one needs to be in those shoes. Imagine if the roles were reversed and you were there struggling.....the action that follows would be easy and a sense of fulfillment would prevail.

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