Thursday, February 12, 2015

Made some music

        Today Prisha had her music inference. Here they showed us what they did in music. Her music teacher is a very kind and friendly lady and really has helped Prisha feel a part of music class. They did a cup song and then a story which had music incorporated in it. It was heart warming to see her perform confidently. Then she sat with a xylophone and she and I had to compose music.
         I have been on stage and have enjoyed singing Indian music. But never learnt how to write it. It was so good when Prisha explained and then we wrote some notes and beats. Then we heard what it sounded like. To one she said she didn't like and screwed up her nose. And then she and I agreed on the new change and we heard our little piece and loved it. It felt so good to see her confidence. I hope she continues enjoying music this way.
       She has even made a song for her brother , a very emotional piece which she sings when her bro leaves to go to his home in Holland. The words and tune set by her. I am blessed to have her in my life.
       On another note, she came to me tonight. She hates getting her ears cleaned. The wax pulled out hurts her ears. This time we are putting oil to help the wax swell and then we shall get it washed out.She says a few things that make me cringe. She said sadly , " I wish mum I had no issues with my ears. I hate wearing aids, wish I didn't have to work so hard and wish I was like other normal kids. Was I born dead? When did u know I couldn't hear? How did you know? Oh mum I wish I was normal! Wish my ears could be repaired and I could hear without aids !! " How do you deal with this? You just cringe inside and wish God could hear this cry and repair her ears. Wish she didn't have to deal with so much. Wish kids could understand her fight with issues they take for granted in class. Wish they were kinder and supportive. Wish sometimes life was easier for her.Wish she grows up really fast and can feel she is happy and cheerful and she is complete and doesn't need to be sad. Her parents and family are so proud of her and will support her every way possible. 

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