Monday, October 19, 2015

Extreme behavior

Why do children with special needs different in behavior often? This was asked by me today and it made me think. One asked me that she had a child in class with damaged right ear and so used mostly his left ear. Why was he so aggressive? She often got strict with him.He glared at her. I look at Prisha, she is often scared to offend anyone. She watches carefully and gets into a mode where she is scared to say a no for the fear they may feel bad. Her ques often is...' am I hurting your feeling?"
The answer was simple. They are already dealing with so much of issues with their disability and coping with life that its extreme behavior that they end up showing. Either they rebel and try to push you off with their bad behavior so they don't have to deal with you or they go defensive and are afraid to talk. For these tiny human beings the pressure is quite a bit. The social pressure being immense as the society isn't aware of disabilities and find it hard to understand the various needs. The pressure to perform is huge at schools, home, outside home and inside.Its a kid of self defense mechanism and I wish more could go under and reach below that surface. As adults we find it hard to deal with social behavior and can go berserk. How do we expect them to deal with it by themselves? Patience and immense understanding is required. There is a difference between the laziness they could have to avoid work and the ability to cope with pressures. A very empathetic and deep person would be able to make out the difference. Its very important to find such teachers who would understand these needs of such kids and help them deal with these pressures better and help them grow better. Once they know the teacher or guide means well, the extreme behavior shall turn into immense cooperation and the session could bring joy to both. I wish we are more empathetic and provide an atmosphere that is inclusive that helps such kids to bloom and become an asset to the society.


  1. Nice one dear... Thks for sharing your thought. Keep in touch.

  2. Nice one dear... Thks for sharing your thought. Keep in touch.