Monday, February 8, 2016

A thought

Sometimes just hearing a positive feedback from the people who reach out for help from me gives me a bigger high than receiving any reward. No money can give that feeling. Have been able to help many families in the last 9-10 years. Few came , got help and moved away as if I don't exist , few give feedback and a bit of credit now and then and few always have good things to say. I take it all in the right spirit. When you commit yourself to a cause one meets many such kinds of people. You know in your heart you mean well and do good coz of the guru you have and who showed you a path. I don't stop helping out as the reward is big when the families have those tender moments of seeing a happiness they never thought they would have. I live those moments of my life once again. It's giving back to the society and it gives me immense satisfaction. My mentor and guide Mrs. Alaka Hudlikar has given me this power or grace. I owe it to her and hence it never goes to my head. 
Times like these when parents come back to share good news I wonder what pleasure drives people. To me it's the fact that they got right advise, saved some money that they NEED for the future of the child and the family is happy and integrated. To others it's a big packet of money that has come into the bank and it doesn't matter how it has come. Money makes them practice things which perhaps they know in their hearts is very wrong. How do they sleep knowing well that they have given wrong advise? How do they rest knowing that they have used helpless parents and their deaf child to their monetary advantage? Can they justify this ever to their conscience? I wish I knew what makes them make money at the cost of the inner cry of such parents. Sooner or later they come to know they have been wronged. Can they live with those bad vibes and cry of pain from such parents. 
I am happy my values are in place. I do it coz I love what I do,I love my mentor ,I treat those families as my own and I love to see them smile through tears which also have few of mine..... May God give right mindset and right hearts to more ENTs , speech therapists and audiologist and may they see that their good work is bigger than any charity in the world.

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