Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Deaf or hearing impaired

Often parents worry about the deafness and terms used and associated with them. Does it really matter? The child can't hear and needs help. That's what is the truth. How we can help the child to get a language and lead a normal life that does not limit her as a person is of vital importance and a single point focus. It's a long and time taking path and one needs to keep walking with faith , dedication and faith. To me personally "deaf" or " hearing impaired" doesn't matter. She needs hearing aids to hear and then work around her day is all that matters. Put on hearing aids with appropriate gain and give her speech therapy so that she can stand up for herself and start to speak into this hearing world was most important. Now when she talks, sings, dances people just say... "Oh ! She wears hearing aids! Well, we can't make out that she can't hear! She speaks like us all and understands everything." To me that's a moment of pride and happiness and terms used are of no relevance anymore.  
Sharing an article for those who want to understand more about it. 

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