Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Yesterday Mrs.Alaka Hudlikar talked about the word pray and everything attached to this word.I have spoken to Prisha about praying and our Gods, but I realised I needed to talk about other religions as well.So the class was about the class name " religion" and the religions are many...Hinduism , christianity, buddhism, Islam,jainism, etc.We went ahead with their places of worship, their Gods, the various activities and various rituals that we follow.Religion is very close to our heart and our language should include every aspect of it while we are following it to clear it to the child.Like I Austria we had gone to a Church and we recollected the experience of how we went to the church , we saw Christ and lit candles.As I talked of it at that time Prisha was able to recollect it.
Ma'am told us that we need to ask the child everyday what she did in the school.Normally the kid would say I don't know, can't remember, etc.Don't stop at that, but take it further and tell her-"were you sitting there doing nothing, looking at the board and teacher."Prod her and give her hints and soon in a few days she will come out with information that will entertain you and it will open a line of communication with you in future.I had done it earlier, now she comes home and over lunch we discuss who got a shouting, what her partner got for lunch, who was fighting, etc.We have a whole lot of stories and as a result I see her telling her speech therapist a lot more things.She has opened up and keps telling her about whatever she thinks is important like an ant bit her eye, mom fell in the mall.As a result it give a chance to speak out and get corrected by the therapist and a good language lesson

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  1. i am so happy to hear of someone who reaches out and is willing to learn and help and empower. Your daughter, i'm sure, really appreciates it.

    Growing up i was hard of hearing (and still am). My parents sent me to an ENT and he told me i had a bone blocking my ear drum. thank goodness we didn'thave the surgery because he was wrong.

    my sisters would tell me "you're so deaf" or "your stupid" my mom would say "you never listen". she'd call my name from one end of the house and all i'd hear was jibberish.

    I got to the point in college where i couldn't hear the professor clearly when i was sitting in the fron row. I saw an ENT again. Said i was 30% deaf in my left hear and 40% deaf in my right. I got hearing aids. They quickly broke and now my right one is broken (wire damage i suppose) and the left one has some water damage. I need new ones but they are pricey and don't know what to do.

    At work, i'm a sr. assistant manager at a photography studio, the girls get aggrivated when they have to repeat themselves to me. they laugh occasionally and i make a joke of it.

    My partner luckily has been able to deal with it and my family no longer teases me.
    The doctor says i'll be deaf by the time i'm 40. i hope he is wrong i love music too much. i have videos on youtube if you look up " cubangi4l " I sing and Deepak encourages me.

    Thanks for inspiring me.