Saturday, July 12, 2008

Reality and pictures

This week's speech therapy class was an eye opener.We take it for granted that the child knows pictures in the book, knows the real thing too.But we were surprised that when these hearing impaired kids were shown photos of the very thing they refused to recognize them.Mrs.Alaka Hudlikar has a beautiful garden and she clicked pictures of the flowers ,vegetables and even pictures of fish in her garden.As the pictures in books specially in India look pretty unreal and she felt the kids could not identify most of them she decided to show them photos of the real thing,the most comman things were passed off as "I don't know "by kids.It was an eye opener.
It is true,a picture cannot replace the real and nothing can beat an experience.She had always insisted on showing and talking about things around us rather than sit with books.Using photos to talk about past experience or talk about people we have met.

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  1. I read your blog after a gap of few weeks and can sense the progress your lovely daughter has made. Using her holiday pictures to recall and revist and reflect on her holiday experiences and the things that she experienced saw, felt and touched are like pages of real life would be interesting for you to make a note of the new vocabularly she has added in lasr few weeks from her travels.. I wish there was a way for you to post her expressive art as both aesthetics and imagination are linked to cognition... with all her pictures with different flowers she could make her own flower book and you could lable it for her to know the actual name of the flowers that she in Europe ...she would I am sure get insipired to use the designs and colours and the feelings of being with those beautiful flowers in her expressions... I will look out for your next update from Singapore.