Monday, February 9, 2009

You be with me...

I have been explaining the concept about weddings to Prisha. We would come across a decorated car, or a woman dressed up as a bride or how mom and dad got together and pictures of weddings and I would mention to her a bit about it.The other day I was coming back from therapy and Prisha pointed out of the window and yelled out.."mummy, look somebody is getting married". I saw a car being decorated and talked about it.At night on TV we saw somebody getting married and we talked .I then mentioned that when your brother becomes big he too would marry and get a girl home.I went ahead and told her "you too will grow up and marry a nice boy".She thought for a while and asked me " would you miss me" . I said yes and told her that she should call me everyday from her new home. After a little silence, she threw her arms around me and said.."You stay with me!". I was taken aback when I saw her eyes where moist and her face was long.She said ..."you , daddy, rishabh and I will always live together". I hugged her tight as I know I always find it difficult to accept that one day she too would grow and get married leaving a huge vacuum in me.I always feel myself so complete after she came into my life.I do get lumps in my throat when I think of her big day, which is still years away.
She is quite a brat. I was worried sick about her ear pain and was applying the ointment in her ears and she was without the left hearing aid for 2 weeks. I would ask her after she came back from school if her ear was still paining and she would press her ear and say that yes it pained her right inside.I finalltook and appointment with the ENT doctor and he looked in and said her ear was absolutely CLEAR! I insisted on her ear pain and he said he could see the eardrum and there was not an iota of wax and the skin was ok. I realised she was fooling me! She was enjoying her ear without the aid.As her right ear has better hearing and she was managing well without it, she preffered her ear to be without it.I asked the doctor to tell her now wear the aids as the ear was fine.It works psycologically well when the doctor tells the kids.She now goes to school with both aids and THERE IS NO PAIN.......

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  1. In an earlier generation, a child with significant hearing loss might not have had the opportunity to marry well and have a satisfying adult life. The fact that you see a good marriage in Prisha's future is a wonderful thing! And it sounds like she's pretty clever, too!