Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Its back

Prisha complained of earache last night again, and there in the morning I peeped into her ear and there was another white boil! Poor girl she is so brave and agreed to go to school with one aid.I am going to see my homeopath for something.
Yesterday she sang for her other friends in the therapy getting a lot of "wows" for her effort from the other mothers.She did inspire an older kid!
We had a lovely class with our speech therapist y'day.I will put it on the blog.We were told about a butterfly that was born in ma'am's garden and she told us the whole cycle of its birth much to the amazement of the kids.I told Prisha later that before she was born, she was in my tummy. The chick before its birth is in the egg etc.She promptly asked me " then where is Prisha's baby?" . I laughed and told her she would have one of her own when she grows.


  1. Oh, no! Outer ear infections can be so hard to clear up when there is an earmold rubbing against the skin. I hope this one clears out quickly so she can have two aids in again. That is so funny about wanting to know where her baby is!

  2. Hope Prisha's ear has healed.We enjoyed her question thoroughly !
    hugs from Singapore