Sunday, February 1, 2009

Pain in the ear

Prisha was complaining of ear pain for a couple of days and due to mental pressures I ignored it.The other day I put in ear drops to ease the pain and the next morning she was complaining of more pain.I peeped into her ear and saw a white point.I applied a little medicated ointment and put in the aid and let her go school.She returned in the afternoon and complained of ear pain again and it extended to her cheek and behind the ear.I got worried and the moment I pulled out the hearing aid, out came a thick mucus like white discharge with it.I was shocked and I cleaned it with the ear bud as my lil girl complained of immense pain.I was cursing myself for taking it lightly and was so scared that her ear drum should not be affected.The 4 hrs after that was a nightmare of sorts as that is when I could see my ENT specialist at the earliest.The fear of her hearing being affected was killing me as she said that in school she was hearing cooing sounds in the affected ear.
The doc examined her and to my partial relief her ear drum was all right. She had a huge boil in the canal and the whole skin inside was affected.A 3 day course of antibiotics along with medicated ointment to apply and no hearing aid for 3 days was prescribed.My brave girl sat through the whole procedure while he cleaned the ear as the boil had burst and was giving out lots of discharge followed by blood.It did give her a bit of relief from pain though.At school the teacher was informed the the response may be affected due to 1 hearing aid. Fortunately as the aid she was wearing was in the better ear we could manage most of the talking and hearing.I kept telling her that though she wore 1 aid she can hear well if she paid attention.It psychologically worked well too.
Today we went for a follow up and a scab has formed on wound and it has healed well.She could wear her aid.I was thrilled.The moment we reached home Prisha said to me.."My ear is not paining, I want my other hearing too".The happiness on her face was so pleasing to me.It just showed how she enjoys listening to sounds.She wore her aids and kept saying.."I hear loudly" jumping around the house.I am so thankful she is alright.I even tested her listening skills in the affected ear, to my relief all is well.I learnt not take ear pain lightly.
By the way Prisha made me proud in last speech therapy class.We were doing picture reading and she did all of them very well.Her 1st picture she said -"In the picture there is a monkey. The monkey is peeling banana", the next being good too.The 3 rd picture was complicated and needed more number of sentences to make it more clear.Ma'am broke the picture into 6 sentences and Prisha said all in order at the 1st go[ she missed out a couple of words here and the , that's ok] Yippee, we were all thrilled and ma'am was very happy too.She remembered the pattern well though I have not able to sit with her for over 6 weeks.Great going Prisha.

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  1. Oh, it is so hard when they have ear pain! And it is so scary when there is an infection that could cause problems with the middle ear system (we've had a lot of infections and problems with Nolan's ears on top of his permanent loss). I hope she doesn't get boils again!