Monday, January 26, 2009

You are talking too much

I have noticed that since we keep talking around Prisha , she picks up these one liners that she hears and uses very appropriately.Like when she is talking on the phone , she gives the phone to me and says..' mummy, baat karo." meaning mummy talk here. I love the use of this kind of language that she is picking up and using it without being taught.This confirms my belief that when I teach her a verb, I say it first and then do the action so that she associates that word with action only after hearing it. She did a funny thing the other day.She was arguing with her grandfather for a long time and when the conversation became too much and she had enough of it she piped in..." you are talking too much.".Everybody was in splits at this use of prompt language.She drags her voice and is unclear when she talks in front of her grand parents as she knows she will getaway.When I am around she is open to correction and will listen to everything I say. In front of her speech therapist her speech is perfect.The intonation, the voice quality and her grammar is all in place as she wants to please her.How smart kids are!

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