Saturday, August 8, 2009

You tube uploads

Just uploaded 3 more videos on my you tube account.Making a small effort to spread what I have learnt and benefited from.The videos are about how early intervention gives the chance to the deaf child to get used to hearing aids, adapt to listening and rules out the possibility of ever relying on visual aids for speech and language, start responding to sounds, and start verbalizing leading to good speech and language with the help of good speech therapy which focuses on listening .It avoids the trauma the child and family may go through as the child is integrated into normal life sooner.Here there are tips on how Mrs. Hudlikar uses her skills to get the child used to hearing aids by training the mothers and giving them ways and means to get the child want to wear hearing aids.Thanks to those tips, all her children learn early to enjoy listening and that is the biggest secret to her kids learning to use spoken language.She empowers her mothers to do the needful making them into good speech therapist.


  1. Rouchi, I love those videos. The boy in the videos is so precious (he looks to be close to the age of my Nolan)! I wonder, if there is a way to get some hearing aid donations from America to Pune? What hearing aids can your local audiologists support? I know some require a lot of specific software, etc... It just seems a shame to have so many people here (the elderly, primarily) who have left over hearing aids and they get thrown away or just given back to a local audiologist. It would be neat if we could set something up to get high powered digital aids to kids in India...

  2. Thank you so much Leah, it was so thoughtful of you to offer this. i spoke with my teacher and she too was so touched.I wish we could do something like this but the audiologists are more keen to sell their aids as for them it is their business.They are not ready or interested in servicing the aids for the less fortunate.I too have extra aids but they are of no use as the audiologist is not interested in giving it to someone else.The child is 1.5 yr old and has deaf parents,father is oral and mother signs.The grandmother has decided to take his responsibility and get him to speak.In my old post I have written about the problems in India and this is why I decided to blog.Thanks so much, the thought is very gratifying.Here is the link to that post or click on the label- audiologist on the side.